Recommendation of TRUGS for 'Springboard'

We’ve been using TRUGS here at Chiddingstone Church ofEngland Primary School in Kent for two years now and it has become a veryeffective intervention. We have purchased boxes 1,2 and 3as well as the tricky words boxes 1 and 2 and the box zero for early yearsfoundation stage. At Chiddingstone we identify the pupils who are fallingbehind in their reading skills and use TRUGS on our provision mapping for thesepupils for a 6 week period, three times a week.

The great thing about TRUGS is that our parents love it tooand many have invested in TRUGS at home so they can reinforce the work we aredoing with their children at school.

The three main boxes of TRUGS consist of 5 stages in eachbox, so 15 stages in all. We use box one for the year one and two pupils, boxtwo for years three and four and box three for years five and six. Box zero isgreat for foundation stage pupils to reinforce their phase two phonics work andsupport any pupils who are falling behind.

TRUGS is fun as well as challenging and provides an idealintervention for small groups of pupils to boost their understanding andconfidence with decoding words. The four games in each stage also promote goodturn taking, language and memory skills.

TRUGS is good value for money as it can also be used toextend the skills of our gifted and talented pupils.

I would thoroughly recommend TRUGS knowing the fun that allour pupils have with this great phonic intervention.

Gill Howard


Chiddingstone Church of England Primary School