Five Fun Things to do in The Holidays with Your Kids!!!

Oh no, the holidays are fast approaching and we don’t have enough activities planned to keep the kids entertained! It’s a common theme and often can mean draining the bank account since, it costs money to have fun right? NO! The most fun I had when I was young cost very little or better still, absolutely nothing.

I was lucky when I was young in that we had a big garden with lots of space. If we didn’t though, and I often went to friends’ houses who didn’t, we would use our IMAGINATION to create the most fun we possibly could. What I want to try and do is give you practical ideas to help spur your kids to go and have unadulterated fun!

1.Act out a play. Encourage your kids to write a play that they are going to act to you and your friends/husband or families.

We always use to do this on holiday as we would meet up with children from other families. We would spend a rainy day inside recreating plays. We would dress up and then we would make tickets for the adults to come to our show. We would always charge about 20p! After the show we would go and buy some sweets!

2.Build a den. If the weathers bad do it inside! If not, go to a park with lots of trees.

Dens are so much more fun than you can imagine if you’ve never built them. Get some old bed sheets and go to the woods. Gather some logs and start stacking them against trees. Put the sheets over the logs and have a picnic! Do exactly the same indoors except use cushions and sofas instead of trees and logs.

3.Create a project. This idea may cost a few pounds but is educational so you’ll feel as though its money well spent!

One holiday, my brother and I spent the week with my Auntie & Uncle. They told us we were going to do a project on ‘cars’. We were to go to the shop, buy a magazine on cars, some glue, a scrapbook, a pen, colouring pencils and scissors. We cut up the magazine, stuck in the pictures, wrote articles about our favourite cars, our least favourite, the different speeds, costs – everything. It was so much fun because we really got into it. On the second day, my Auntie took us to a car dealer and we were allowed to take photos, which we stuck in our scrap books, we sat in the cars, spoke to the car dealers- was so much fun, and it was educational!

4.Organise a treasure hunt. You could hide food items, sweets chocolates, or you could hide sentences with other clues leading to a big prize.

This obviously sounds like an Easter Egg hunt… Think how much children like Easter Egg hunts, then ask yourself why you never do it other than at Easter! You can literally hide anything from inside your house and your children will love it. A friend of mine did this with his God child. He spent a bit of time planning it - they dressed up as pirates, he created a map and they had to find the treasure. He had buried it in a park, in the ground. It was an old shoe box filled with crunchy bars and other sweet items! How fun would that be?!

5.Get your kids to design a game for the following day. You can only use items from inside your home.

You’ll need to give your children some instructions and ideas. For example, make a bowling alley, using old toilet rolls and a tennis ball. A paper aeroplane World Championships. Get them to draw up the rules, who is competing against who. Make the planes, then you have 3 throws, the furthest one wins. You win points or it’s a knockout competition – the more rules, the more fun it will be! Get them to write the rules for a Poohsticks competition. Find a river and play a big competition of Poohsticks, again the more rules the better and I guarantee you’ll really get into it! The key here is that you give them the ides but they go away and come up with the rules!

That’s only 5 ideas but each idea is full proof since I did them! I can still tell you stories about each idea since I had so much fun doing them. You’ll bond with your kids too and you’ll feel great as, on the whole, you’ll not have spent a penny.

Hope that helps, enjoy the holidays, all my best memories were from being on holiday!

Joanna Jeffery, MBE & Director at Read Successfully Ltd