Update From TRUGS Employee And GB Rower, Tom, My Son!

Dear Trugs Customers,

I’ve been quite quiet on the blog posts recently – probablyenjoying my summer holiday rather too much!  But now it’s back to work and the year startsagain.  Whilst it may not seem so funnow, there’s lots to achieve and get done and so we must think about what anexciting year we have coming up – positive mental attitude!

In one of my previous emails I did an interview with my son,Tom who was talking about his own experiences as an energetic child, which Ihope any of you who read it found it interesting!

At the moment he is training hard for the upcoming WorldRowing Championships for Great Britain.  Ihad an idea….. Since he does some of the social media and marketing for me andRead Successfully Ltd, why don’t I get him to write some blogs about histraining camps, training and any other thoughts he has?!

He has duly said he will and so will begin with a blog abouthow he got into rowing.  His story is abit different to most as he got into the sport at the age of 27, so never saynever!

I will still do the occasional post about all thingseducational and parenting.  If you haveanything you’d like me to write about do send me an email. For example if youhave a child who has dyslexia and you’re not sure what the best advice is, thenjust ask and I may, just may, have some helpful thoughts – I’m sure if it’s aconcern of yours, it will be a concern of someone else’s as well!

Many thanks,

Joanna Jeffery, MBE

PS.  Very importantlywe have moved our offices to the cottage. So our address is Mount Stone Cottage and the rest is the same.