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Hello, was a brilliant training course again today, have just played trugs again with my 2 1/2 year old daughter , the colours shapes and words for stage 1 are working well with her, after the last training I bought the pack as a long term project for my daughter to play with my cousins aged 12 and 9 but she has already enjoyed playing with them. She really enjoys the. Games and learning many thanks

Emma Ball-Rye

Dear Mrs Jeffery

You gave my teacher, Miss Marianne, a pack of TRUGs cards for Stage 5 to give to me. They are fantastic and I can read them sort of well – just about. Thank you again for the TRUGs cards. I really prefer it to other games.

Bertie Burrell. (Garden House School)

I love using Trugs with my students! I do one-to-one tutoring with students with dyslexia. Just this morning an 11 year old boy came to my session very grumpy and uncooperative. I got out a Trugs game and just after one round of Guess It he was more engaged! He had been reading ....he knew that and I knew that but it was less pressure, achievable and engaging.

Lynley Read, tutor, Christchurch, New Zealand.

We have had great fun playing with trugs today! All staff and pupils (and parents) are really enjoying them, and they're a brilliant relief from the exams...

Celia Carlton. Ryde School.

I am an OT and a Dyslexia Assessor/Tutor and I love the Trugs games. I have been following the development of your wonderful Trugs games and the website over the last couple of years and you are continuing to be very creative in all you do. You are a real inspiration providing such brilliant games which are rooted in the teaching that the children and young people are experiencing. Thank you.

Sarah Deakin. Worcestershire.

I first came across this trugs system at the SEN Conference at Bolton Reebok Stadium I decided to purchase for both the school and also for my young son at home. I used it extensively with my son to engage him with reading, and he absolutely loved it, whilst at school we use it in conjunction with our other reading programmes to reinforce the skills they have already learnt, and once again the kids love it as something different to ‘test out’ their reading skills. Thoroughly recommend it!


Mark Webster, parent and teacher

Dear Joanna

Thank you so much for coming on Thursday to give us such a wonderful and informative talk,your enthusiasm and passion gave it all an extra edge.As I said at the beginning of the evening Trugs doesn't really need a huge amount of selling. I loved the evening as I was able to really listen to the talk (due to the extra committee members) but I really enjoyed meeting you and picking up some useful teaching tips. I hope you had a good trip home and have had the chance to collapse in a heap after your mad week.

Many thanks once again


Nicky Williams West Kent Dyslexia Association.

Got it, played it, love it!

Many thanks

Penny Robertson.

Trugs is a fantastic resource as kids are learning whilst playing. When my daughters were playing with Trugs, they were having so much fun that they did not realise that they were learning at the same time. The games are so simple to play, but the thinking behind them is so clever with the different games and the bright colours make them so inviting to youngsters.

Jon Gerrard, Devon 07.01.13

Dear Joanna

Just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying your trugs games since buying them from you at st john's school last year. My 5 year old is practising her sounding out without frustration - in fact enjoying it! And my 8 year old is enjoying trying harder words. They especially enjoy Take It. Thanks again!

We still play - when our 2 year old allows! My 5 year old is sounding out much more in general with less frustration in general. Thanks again,

Clare Carpenter. 04.02.13

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