Primary Testimonials

Trugs is the most motivational resource I've come across in recent years covering all age ranges.

Specialist teacher in the Midlands

I am emailing about trugs PICS with our Deaf Inclusion Worker, thinking that it will be a great way to give visual support for reading.

I've already introduced him to trugs 0, Stage 1, Tricky Words etc. for two pupils he supports in Literacy Skills and all 3 are addicted!

I overheard one of the boys recently say, "I love trugs. I want to play it all day and all night."

On that cheerful note (a reminder of the joy you bring to us!), I'll sign off.

Linda, Denbury School

I love using Trugs with my students! I do one-to-one tutoring with students with dyslexia. Just this morning an 11 year old boy came to my session very grumpy and uncooperative. I got out a Trugs game and just after one round of Guess It he was more engaged! He had been reading ....he knew that and I knew that but it was less pressure, achievable and engaging.

Lynley Read, tutor, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Re trugs Training:

Thank you for visiting us - and for the follow up PP info. We’ve had lots of positive comments about the session and the materials… I don’t think I can remember a ‘games’ resource quite hitting the mark the way Trugs clearly has with us.

Richard Gambier, Headteacher, Marlborough School, Cornwall.

The TRUGS training provided by Joanna has enabled all staff to see a whole new approach to teaching reading that can be used from Foundation to Year 6 and beyond - it has got us all thinking - -TRUGS are not just for interventions! Not only that but it was great fun and staff didn't want to stop playing themselves! Have ordered all of the resources and cannot wait to implement across both of my schools.

Jane Byrne. Executive Headteacher of the Beacon Federation

Thanks for a brilliant resource - all my students enjoy playing it.

Lyn Wells. Specialist dyslexia tutor/assessor

A colleague and I went to the Special Needs Exhibition in Islington. We were looking for resources to support our work in a special school for pupils with dyslexia. dyspraxia and autistic spectrum disorders. We came across Trugs which was demonstrated to us and we were surprised at how quickly we saw the value of the structured system and more importantly how much we enjoyed playing the games. We bought a box to take home. We treated ourselves to supper and the theatre catching the last train home. To pass the journey we opened the Trugs and played the games at the different levels to further familiarise ourselves. We were so engrossed in playing the games that we missed our station which resulted in a long walk to find a taxi to return us to our car arriving home very late. I have used Trugs both in the classroom and in the Boarding House and it remains my favourite resource. Some of my pupils used to ask if we could play Trugs as soon as they entered the room!

Jane Sage, Specialist teacher.

I am an OT and a Dyslexia Assessor/Tutor and I love the Trugs games. I have been following the development of your wonderful Trugs games and the website over the last couple of years and you are continuing to be very creative in all you do. You are a real inspiration providing such brilliant games which are rooted in the teaching that the children and young people are experiencing. Thank you.

Sarah Deakin. Worcestershire.

I just wanted to let you know that the kids are enjoying the trugs Boxes and we had a little Christmas miracle when my I saw my most disengaged student helping another with a CCVC word, using decoding skills that I had taught in the classroom. One of those too few moments of pride we get in a classroom nowadays! These trugs Boxes seem to be working great so far! I work in a local school with ESL students so these types of activities make a great reinforcement tool.

Roy Ford, Primary Teacher, Hong Kong

I just want to email you and say how much Trugs is contributing to my work as a private dyslexia tutor based in Ivybridge in the South Hams, so not far from yourself! I am getting so much mileage out of the 3 boxes that I have invested in that it is a working lifetime’s journey of discovery! The boxes makes my sessions all the happier because all my kids love them. Although it was a major investment for me( I bought the full boxes as I had used them in my previous job before I took the leap into tutoring ) it has been well worth it!

Thanks Joanna!

Mandy Archer, Tutor

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