trugs Use it

Phonics reading resource – that works by playing card games.

Use it card games develop sentence construction and increase vocabulary knowledge. 

These card games are normally found within the trugs for Schools boxes but can now be bought separately. 

They are structured phonetically in the same way as all the trugs Stages.  There are six cards in each game.  Each card has a target word in the centre with a sentence beginner in each corner.  The pupil is asked to use the target word to make up a sentence (Verbally or Written) beginning with one of the sentence beginners in the corner of the card – there is always a person word and a question word as well as two other sentence beginners. 

I have found that Use it is great to use for verbal sentence construction as pupils soon realise how good they are at creating sentences.  Written sentence work becomes more meaningful to them when they realise how good they are verbally.