trugs PDF's 

TC trugs Editable Certificate

Trugs Certificate is an editable PDF.

That means you can put your own appropriate wording in the centre – add your school logo or generally design you own wording. 

Support your pupils as they progress through the trugs Stages by printing off your own individualised trugs certificate for all your pupils.

TA trugs Assessment PDFs 

3 x Pupil monitory Booklets to accompany trugs Box 1, 2 & 3 

3 x Story Booklets for the pupils to accompany trugs Box 1, 2 & 3

There are two stories at each of the 15 trugs Stages.  Each story is exactly 50 words.  The pupil reads the story appropriate to the trugs level they are on.  This is for the teacher to establish the level of their mastery at that Stage.  They read the story and the teacher or TA times them and notes any errors on the pupil’s monitoring booklet.  This then gives:

  • Fluency measure having timed them as they read
  • Diagnostic information having noted the types of errors they made
  • Percentage accuracy having counted the number of words read accurately (out of 50) and then doubling the score. 

By using these assessment materials you can track small steps progress of your pupils.  This is so important as it enables not only educationalists to see progress but so importantly you, the parent and vitally the pupil.


TR trugs Record Sheets PDFs

4 page record sheets.

These record sheets enable teachers and TAs to track their pupils as they progress through the trugs Stages.  It means that anyone can see instantly the trugs Stage that a pupil is on – making support achievable by all.

Class Overview.

This sheet has the pupil’s names on the left hand side with the trugs stages across the top of the page.  It is simply a case of putting the date by the pupil’s name corresponding to the stage they are on.  Then as they move up a stage so each Stage is dated.

Individual Progress Chart.

This is a sheet for an individual.  The Stage they are on is dated on the left with the different games across the top of the page.  Every time the pupil plays a game it is dated.  This means that there is detailed information for each pupil.