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Trugs Stages 1 to 5, Printable PDF, A4 Size, Personal License


  • New artwork for Trugs allows you to buy a personal use license and receive a PDF A4 sized artwork download, for local printing and card trimming.
  • Very easy to produce your own Trugs literacy card games at home, using a standard printer, some quality thick paper or card, and a paper trimmer.
  • 450 resources cards (including instruction and phonics guidance cards), allowing for 3 Trugs games to be played at 5 different Trugs structured phonics stages.
  • Also use them as a phonics flash card resource and create your own games.
  • Practise reading with Trugs through collaborative play and learning at the same time.

This printable card set is Trugs Stages 1-5 , from the Trugs Home Box 1. 

With a Trugs Printables Personal license you can print copies of a Trugs printable for your own personal use with students or family.

You Cannot share the digital file(s) with anyone via email, USB, cloud upload, messaging or any other means. See the full license details below.

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At Read Successfully, we help you Teach Reading Using GameS (Trugs). Now we can reach more students and families to help them practise through collaborative play and learn at the same time.

We are delighted to make the Trugs card games available as a "self print" A4 sized printable PDF file and license. This will allow you, to print and play the popular Trugs Cards Games at home. You are in control of the printing process, which helps reduce the cost of the product.

This printable card set is Trugs Stages 1-5, from the Trugs Home Box 1. 

Box 1 - First stages of phonics. word examples
Stage 1 - three letter words, consonant-vowel-consonant cat, pin
Stage 2 - four or five letter words, consonant-consonant-vowel-consonant stop, ship
Stage 3 - four or five letter words, consonant-vowel-consonant-consonant stick, wish
Stage 4 - words which can be split in half, words with two syllables magnet, packet
Stage 5 - words which contain the following sounds ar, or, er, ur, ir


Trugs Printable Personal License

So what does the Trugs Printable Personal License allow? In simple terms;

You Can:
1. Print copies of a Trugs printable for your own personal use with students or family.
2. Save the file to a USB Drive or private cloud drive to get the file printed at a print shop for your personal use.

You Cannot:
1. Share the digital file(s) with anyone via email, USB, cloud upload, messaging or any other means.
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6. Give the impression to anyone that you created/designed the digital file(s).
7. Use the digital file(s) or printed hard copies of the file(s) for ANY commercial use, or products for sale.

We thank you for your support in following this License Agreement. We also offer school wide licenses and custom license agreements. Trugs is not subject to the CLA License to copy, and requires a school wide license to be purchased prior to copying within a school for multiple classes and students. Please contact us at if you have any license queries.

Download the PDF Version of the License and Instructions by clicking the PDF icon

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About Trugs Printable Games

Each Trugs Printable includes 3 card games, Guess itMatch it and Take it at each stage makes reading practice easy and fun. The Clue card explains what each Stage is. That’s all that’s needed because the structure has been put together by a dyslexia specialist. The words contained in the Trugs Printable Stage are different and additional to the words contained in the Trugs Schools edition games box. So they are excellent for additional homework and a great extension activity. You will find that the printable cards can double up as flash cards and you can even create your own games and activities for reading, spelling and memory.

How to print, sort and play the Trugs Games

1. On your computer, open the PDF file for the card deck stage you would like to print.
2. Each PDF file has the stage number and game name within the title bar of each card
3. Print the PDF file using a high quality printer, onto card or thick paper of your choice.
4. Carefully cut the cards out from the page, using the crop marks as a cutting guide. Ideally all cards to be the same size.
5. Separate the cut out cards into the three games according to the colour of the borders, there will be – Get it (green), Match it (pink) and Take it (yellow). There will also be an Explanation Card for each game and stage cards.
6. Carefully put rubber bands round each game if you wish and place them into a box for storage with the clue card
7. Repeat this with the other card deck PDF files.

For instructions on how to play each Game, open the PDF file link below.


trugs - Created By Joanna Jeffery, MA(Ed), Cert Ed, Dip (Dys), AMBDA

Joanna is a qualified teacher with 35 years experience. Joanna became a phonics specialist and an advocator of systematic synthetic phonics through her desire to discover the best way to teach children to read. She quickly realised that children and students want to enjoy the process of learning to read. So she combined the professional side of learning to decode print with the fun side of playing card games and as a result created trugs – Teach Reading Using GameS

Why Trugs Printables?

Trugs Edition for Education and Schools (Boxes 1,2 and 3) are still the most popular edition, with thousands of schools invested in Trugs over the years. The Trugs Printables can allow your school to create more resources for more students, using the chosen card paper, standard printers and trimming equipment. There are no transport costs or customs payments required, but you receive the same professional phonics word groups, created and extended by expert Joanna Jeffery.