Unlock the Power of Literacy with Trugs Tutor Pack

Are you a tutor, educator, or specialist teacher seeking to transform reading and spelling struggles into success stories? Discover the Trugs Tutor Pack – your comprehensive solution for effective literacy intervention.

Our subscription service offers a wealth of benefits for tutors and specialist teachers. With a focus on multi-sensory, fun learning experiences, we provide a comprehensive platform to support students with literacy difficulties. Our results are built upon a dedicated Dyslexia and  systematic synthetic phonics-led programme, ensuring that all students can learn to read while having a blast with enjoyable games.

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£79 Per year  /  £8.50 Per Month


The Tutor Pack

Is designed to be a cost-effective solution, for one-to-one or small group teaching. Subscribers gain access to a wide array of trugs resources and products. Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to download our Home Pack when you need, over the course of your subscription tailoring your support to specific levels and needs. We also offer generous discounts on our education array of products as well as access to our training sessions (coming soon) and online word search game.

Benefits of the Trugs Tutor Pack:

    • Customisable Resources: Tailor your tutoring approach with a wealth of printable resources designed for various learning and literacy levels.
    • Engaging Games: Make learning enjoyable with downloadable games that capture learners’ enthusiasm while reinforcing essential skills.
    • Proven Effectiveness: Implement tried-and-tested methods that follow the most effective teaching practices, leading to tangible improvements in reading and spelling abilities.

Who is the Trugs Tutor Pack For?

  • Tutors
  • Specialist Teachers
  • Educators
  • Dyslexia associations

Order Now

£79 Per year  /  £8.50 Per Month


What’s Included in the Trugs Tutor Pack:

  • Downloadable Stages 1 to 15 Home Packs: Access comprehensive resources for each stage of the reading journey.
  • Exciting New Game “Swap It”: Engage learners with a dynamic game that reinforces phonics and spelling skills in a fun and interactive way.
  • Downloadable Assessment Pack: Assess and track learners’ progress with printable assessment materials.
  • Downloadable Certificates: Celebrate achievements and milestones with customisable certificates.
  • Access to Trugs Training (Coming Soon): Enhance your teaching skills with exclusive access to upcoming training materials.
  • Access to online Word Search Games: Reinforce vocabulary and spelling skills with interactive word search games.
  • Exclusive Access to Discount on Products: Enjoy special discounts on additional Trugs products.

This product is a licensed subscription for your own personal use or tutoring use with students or family. Read full license agreement.

For School licences please email trugs@readsuccessfully.com