Trugs reading intervention bundle

All 15 trugs boxes
2x Record Sheets - Whole Group & Individual PDF
2x Single word reading tests - Basic & Advanced PDF
Trugs Editable Certificate PDF
3x Research findings docs & ‘Why trugs’ doc
£650 ex VAT
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An Introduction to trugs

Above is an Introduction to trugs that illustrates who trugs is for and why it is such a great way to help children with their reading. 

Click on the image above to see the trugs brochure

What you think of us!

Hello Joanna 

I have been using trugs every lesson, I’m really happy with my purchase. ???? thank you …

Emma RushSpecial 1:1 teacher

24th May 2021

Tricky Words 2.  Just to let you know the package arrived last Monday. I played the Match it game, …

Sarah OzanneGuernsey

30th April 2021

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