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Trugs reading intervention bundle

1.All 15 trugs boxes£580
2.2x Record Sheets - Whole Group & Individual PDF£10
3.2x Single word reading tests - Basic & Advanced PDF£10
4.Trugs Editable Certificate PDF£10
5.2x 40min trugs training via Zoom or Teams£120
6.3x Research findings docs & ‘Why trugs’ doc£0
Total £730Offer £650
Discounted for Summer Term 2021 to £650 (+vat+P&P)

An Introduction to trugs

Above is an Introduction to trugs that illustrates who trugs is for and why it is such a great way to help children with their reading. Simply click on the image to view it.

Click on the image above to see the trugs brochure

What you think of us!

Hello Joanna 

I have been using trugs every lesson, I’m really happy with my purchase. ???? thank you …

Emma RushSpecial 1:1 teacher

24th May 2021

Tricky Words 2.  Just to let you know the package arrived last Monday. I played the Match it game, …

Sarah OzanneGuernsey

30th April 2021

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