All three Trugs PICS - Special Covid-19 - price for May & June now EXTENDED to July and August.
This set of three trugs PICS now just £40.40 + P&P. (Normal price £89.97 + P&P)

Home schooling is so hard - thinking up new things all the time.  I really want to help and this is how I can.

This set of three trugs PICS now just £40.40 + P&P.  (Normal price £89.97 + P&P)

(UK customers only) 

By playing these games trugs PICS will help reinforce and extend children’s vocabulary resulting in self-discovery of words in a fun way.  A set of these three trugs PICS will hit the spot.

New trugs PICS: Card games to inspire reading fluency and vocabulary.

  • Ideal for ALL Key Stages


  • English as a Foreign Language EFL
  • English as a Second Language EAL

trugs PICS is designed to support all students learning to read as well as those whose first language is not necessarily English.

  • The words are phonetically structured to develop reading skills
  • The pictures enable a wider vocabulary
  • The words/pictures are grouped into categories to extend understanding of words

trugs PICS extends a wider vocabulary by playing card games using pictures alongside the trugs phonics stages.

trugs PICS Box 1, 2 and 3 contain 4 decks of cards in each box. Each deck has five cards games to play. They can be played as many times as an individual would like as they progress through the trugs phonics Stages. At the same time they are developing their vocabulary and connections of words by matching words/pictures with the different categories.

  • 3 games to play in each of the four decks that match picture with word.
  • 2 games to play in each of the four decks that match picture and word with categories.

Each trugs Box PICS covers the same five phonics trugs stages as the schools boxes and the trugs at Home boxes. Two of the trugs stages are combined – see structured stages below:

  • Stage1 cvc Words like: dog
  • Stage 2 ccvc Words like: clap
  • Stage 3 cvcc Words like: pond
  • Stage 4/5 two syllable/ar,or,er Words like: sunhat/starfish
  • Stage 6 split digraph Words like: perfume
  • Stage 7 vowel digraphs Words like: peacock
  • Stage 8 alt vowel digraphs Words like: flowers
  • Stage 9/10 two/three syllable words Words like: zebra/windowsill
  • Stage11 soft c Words like: centipede
  • Stage 12 soft g Words like: ginger
  • Stage 13/14 cle/four syllable words Words like: pineapple/Australia
  • Stage 14/15 four syllable words /ti,ci,si Words like: pomegranates/Russia