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Learning to read in a fun way whether your child cannot read, has dyslexia or difficulty reading books, these phonic reading games are sure to increase literacy as well as vocabulary and help your children to read.

By playing trugs - teach reading using games - anyone who can read can improve any child’s reading.

It’s great fun for the children reading and playing these card games and they learn without even realising it!

trugs at home - for parents, carers and tutors £29.95 +vat each.  

trugs - for schools £59.99 +vat each.                           Box 1, stages 1-5.  Box 2, stages 6-10.  Box 3 stages 11-15.       

New Trugs Check – 4 decks to 'check' and assess progress after each trugs Box - £8.99 +vat each.

These new products are called 'trugs Check' – these decks are a way whereby you can 'check' and assess whether a student has consolidated all the trugs Stages within a box of trugs. So at the end of each box there is a ‘trugs Check’ single deck. The deck contains one new game. Students play the game and as they are playing you will be able to judge whether they have mastered all the trugs Stages at the end of the relevant trugs Box. This then serves to establish the extent of consolidation of all the Stages within the previous trugs Box and determine whether it is appropriate to move on to the next trugs Box.

The new game within the trugs Check deck is called 'Beat it'. It has been trialled by Primary and Secondary age students and all seem to love it. They have reported wonderful things to me about the game. If you have ever played 'Beggar my Neighbour' then you may well find that it is very similar to that.

trugs Check 0. I have also brought out a 'trugs Check 0' deck that contains all the letters of the alphabet. This enables students to play the new game 'Beat it' whilst practising their individual letter sounds.

If you would like to buy these single decks we would love to hear from you. They cost £8.99 +vat each so please do ring and speak either to me or to Wendy on 01752 663775. There are four trugs Check decks......trugs Check 0, 1, 2 & 3. Please do ring if you'd like any more info about the new games or other trugs boxes.

Moving on to trugs Boxes after mastery of relevant trugs Check decks 

  • use trugs check 0 to ‘check’ mastery of letter sounds → then work through Stages 1-5 in trugs Box 1.
  • use trugs check 1 to ‘check’ mastery of Stages 1-5 in Box 1 → then work through Stages 6-10 in trugs Box 2.
  • use trugs check 2 to ‘check’ mastery of Stages 6-10 in Box 2 → then work through Stages 11-15 in trugs Box 3.
  • use trugs check 3 to ‘check’ mastery of all trugs Stages.

Please note that all the words within every trugs check deck are different and have been selected from Secondary School subject-specific topic words, as at September 2013.

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trugs literacy games help children learn to read using phonics


Sidmouth Primary School visit 09.01.14

I had a wonderful time at Sidmouth Primary School and loved every second I was there – a very happy intelligent bunch of children.  Thank you for being such a cheerful school.  

Joanna Jeffery MBE, MA(Ed), AMBDA.

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Joanna for being awarded an MBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours list for services to the community in the South West. You can see her name in print on Page 66 by clicking here and scrolling!.

Well deserved and well done!
From the team at Henderson Web Design Ltd.

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I just want to email you and say how much Trugs is contributing to my work as a private dyslexia ...

I just want to email you and say how much Trugs is contributing to my work as a private dyslexia tutor based in Ivybridge in the  South Hams, so not far from yourself!  I am getting so much mileage out of the 3 boxes that I have invested in that it is a working lifetime’s journey of discovery!   The boxes makes my sessions all the happier because all my kids love them. Although it was a major investment for me( I bought the full boxes as I had used them in my previous job before I took the leap into tutoring )  it has been well worth it!

Thanks Joanna! 

Mandy Archer, Tutor

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I just want to email and say that I work with adults with learning difficulties for Devon Adult a...

I just want to email and say that I work with adults with learning difficulties for Devon Adult and Community Learning and my adults LOVE Trugs!!!!  I also tutor GCSE English and I have been using Box 3 to extend my student’s vocabulary. Often our most able students don’t get a chance to have such fun when they are learning!!!

Kind regards

Mandy Archer, Tutor

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Dear Joanna,        

A huge thank you once again for delivering a truly inspiring and informati...

Dear Joanna,        

A huge thank you once again for delivering a truly inspiring and informative training session with us on Monday. All staff are extremely enthused about the whole TRUGS package and are keen to start using it. Everyone can see how this is going to completely transform our phonics intervention work (and how useful and easy it will be for all staff to use) and we are confident the children are going to absolutely love it. We are very excited to get started and are dedicating our next staff meeting to discussing how best to implement TRUGS across the school, to use it to maximum effect with a view to 'rolling out' the programme the following week.

Many thanks again and we look forward to displaying our framed certificate with pride!

Best wishes,

Mrs Charlotte Daynes

8th January 2014

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