trugs Webinars

Recorded May 2022

Trugs for Schools

Trugs for Home

Trugs Pics

Trugs Check

Trugs Tricky Words

Trugs Stage 0


trugs for Schools Box 1.

trugs for Schools Box 2.

trugs for Schools Box 3

Trugs PICS Box 1

Trugs PICS Box 2

Trugs PICS Box 3

trugs Check Box 1

trugs Check Box 2

trugs Check Box 3

trugs Tricky Words 1

trugs Stage 0

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trugs School Bundle

 Set Contains

  • Trugs for SCHOOL Boxes 1, 2 & 3
  • Trugs PICS Boxes 1, 2,& 3
  • Trugs CHECK decks 1, 2, & 3
  • Trugs TRICKY WORDS deck 1
  • Trugs TRUGS STAGE 0 deck
  • FREE Editable Certificate PDF
  • FREE Record Sheets
  • FREE Single-word Reading Test

The trugs School Bundle  is complete set of the trugs resources.  The included virtual training supports the lead teacher and ensures that all staff understand the resource and can use it to support their teaching, taking ownership and responsibility of the intervention.